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Where can I find cryptocurrency exchange rates?

  1. JohnSnow471
    On which sites can I view cryptocurrency exchange rates? I would like to buy some bitcoins now, while the price has dropped, but I donít know through which cryptocurrency exchanger this can be done on favorable terms ...
  2. RandyBrown
    Almost in the cryptocurrency exchanger, you can see information about the exchange rates. But if we talk about my opinion, it is better to use services like, which allow you to track exchange rates in many cryptocurrency exchangers, and this allows you to choose the most profitable option for yourself. There is a fairly simple site, and I think that you yourself will figure out how to make an exchange and purchase bitcoins.
  3. Passshaz
    I'm wondering if any of you have tried to ask about the possibility of trading based on new crypto listings on exchanges? That is, trying to track coins of promising projects and buy them at early stages? And I got interested in platforms where I can buy project's coins at early stages. So in my search for listing projects I turned to the platform This platform helps to list young crypto projects on crypto listing, which are not yet available on major exchanges. This way you can find great projects to invest in.
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