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Stressful month

  1. Albertina1818
    Oh, this November was so stressful for me from all sides. Problems with my wife, problems with my job and so on. I don't know how to get over it.
  2. cucaracha
    I totally understand you. I even started smoking again, and I don't know how to end this year at all.
  3. RandyBrown
    It's weird that November wasn't the best year for many people. I got fired, and my stress level was out of the roof. Thankfully, my friend recommended me to try CBD oil to reduce stress and cope with anxiety, and it really helped me a lot. And I hope that in the new year all my problems will be solved.
  4. Galina
  5. perseyben
    In fact, live tournaments and games are updated on a regular basis, alongside limited time and targeted promotions that translate into free gameplay.
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