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Difficult people

  1. cucaracha
    As much as we would like to hope that the Internet is a land of limitless possibilities, it is also full of difficult people. You may not talk to anyone for days on end, or you may find yourself in the middle of a group of evil people.
  2. Albertina1818
    The internet can be full of jerks like trolls and bullies who like to make others feel bad. They may not show themselves online, but they will make you feel bad while you are most vulnerable.
  3. RandyBrown
    My friend used to overdrive because of the fact that he was the only one in our friend group without a girlfriend. It was weird for me that it was affecting him that much because he was really sad and would stay in his place for several days. I suggested him to find a girl, and I have some suspicion that he found somebody there.
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