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Which plasma cutter to choose for metal cutting?

  1. quentin777
    Which plasma cutter to choose for metal cutting?
  2. boheyan
    this is a rather difficult question. Plasma cutters are actively used in metalworking enterprises. They are also sometimes used on the farm: in private houses or garages.
  3. stahhy
    Take into account the operating conditions and equipment. For stable operation of the plasma cutter on compressed air, a powerful compressor with good filters, water and oil separators is required.
  4. sevanik
    The question of how to choose a plasma cutter must be answered like this, everything will depend on the area in which you are going to use it. Because the design features of different types are very different, they all have a different type of arc ignition and different power of the cooling system. Therefore, it will be useful for you to read the article plasma cutter with built in compressor , which contains all the information you need on this issue.
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