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How long do red highlights last in men's hair?

  1. PatrckQ
    How long do red highlights last in men's hair? Do you like highlights at men`s haircuts at all?
  2. quentin777
    Chemicals are required to open the hair shaft and destroy the melanin in the hair. If you add color to the highlights so they aren't yellow, dye is deposited inside the hair shaft. The hair shaft is closed, but it's still damaged from the process. Additional products are required to repair the hair. Repeated processing will cause the hair to become porous. Color will fade faster and hair strands will be more prone to damage.
  3. PatrckQ
    Thanx a lot for your reply. I have found some cool tips about highlights for men and should admit that it looks simply amazing. What is more it is a failsafe option for those guys who want to make their locks appear thicker and more voluminous. What is more, the style is so versatile, that you can choose ideal highlights for absolutely any mens hair dye.
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