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Plasmolifting PRP Gel Tubes (10 per box)

  1. kiga
    Advantages of using PRP therapy.
    The main advantage of using plasma with a high platelet content is its complete biocompatibility with body tissues. Platelets stimulate active regeneration, attracting stem cells to the injured area, as a result of which connective tissue is formed faster. Therefore, PRP is also used in cosmetology for anti-aging procedures.
    D-PRP Blood Collection Tubes, 10 PRP tubes per box, for Use in Cosmetic Dermatology (Hair Loss, Age-related skin changes), Dentistry and Orthopedics.
    The main reasons to agree to PRP therapy are:
    The probability of successful implant implantation is 100% the increase in the volume of hard tissues ensures reliable fixation
    Reducing the waiting time before installing a prosthesis bone tissue recovery after PRP therapy is much faster.
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