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PSD Phillies Hall of Fame Committee

  1. Degz
  2. theLgndKllr35
    Sweet. I had no idea this was part of the perks, we get a ****ing group? Kickass.
  3. MooseWithFleas
    Welcome , but don't tell anyone about our secret society

    So when are we doing the veterans committee vote? Any other nominations besides SL and PhillyUD?
  4. Ender
    I would never be a part of any group that would have me as a member.
  5. Degz
    Moose and KJ... Which one of you wants to run the voting this year??
  6. MooseWithFleas
    I'll run it unless KJ has an overwhelming desire to do it
  7. MooseWithFleas
    Alright Committee, time for our first vote. Nominations for Phillies HoF Veterans Committee. We will conduct a vote via PM's from the 20th to the 23rd. A nominee needs 7 of the 10 votes to be inducted. If someone forgets to vote, then a 70% equivalent will be needed. I'll start by nominating PhillyUD. Someone else can make the obvious nomination.
  8. TheRuckus
  9. The A Team
    The A Team
    SL and Philly UD
  10. MooseWithFleas
    What's the rule on banned users? I think I remember Degz saying no, but I feel Ph1lly Diehard should still have some kind of honor. As for the other banned users, no love lost for them really. Briere was entertaining, but apparently a real pain as well.
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