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  1. Captursen11
    It seems like everyone I know is saying that hardwood is the nicest flooring and it'll add value to my home and it'll last forever and so-on. But then it seems like it can also scratch/dent pretty easily, it'll last forever but you will need to refinish it every so often. It'll add value to my home, but I don't plan to sell for 5-7 years.
  2. Rocketcheck
    With a wooden floor, you will create a pleasant atmosphere in the house. Wood radiates heat and always attracts. You need to study Serendipity Collection Flooring and choose the right type of engineering parquet board for yourself. I hope I helped you)
  3. Captursen11
    That's right. This is probably the best floor covering. It has not been replaced by laminate or vinyl floors
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