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What cryptocurrencies are the best for trading?

  1. Loster
    What cryptocurrencies are the best for trading? With which are you working with?
  2. Destorr
    Good day. Bitcoin will always be a good investment. Satoshi Nakamoto's invention continues to lead in terms of market capitalization and trade volume. Also such cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Cardano, Ripple and NEM are worth attention.
  3. Nikobabs
    Hey Loster. I agree with previous answer, these cryptocurrencies are really popular now and it is good idea to invest money in some of them. But also you can find many other offers from promising projects. If you will decide to buy or sell your cryptocurrency, I recommend to use exchange website for this purpose. This service works fast and provides really good fees.
  4. Loster
    Thanks for answers. I decided to start from education. I understood that I need to learn a lot of information before starting to work with cryptocurrency. Now I'm reading articles about blockchain technology, very interesting. If you know any additional materials, I will be grateful for what you share!
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