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Hail Proof Car Cover for my garage

  1. Lober
    I bought a new car, but there is no garage ((I am very worried about it, because it will be day and night on the street and under the snow, hail, heat, wind, they say there are some blankets for cars. I just don't want to lose it because of one hail the joys of driving a car, especially since I dreamed of it for so long.Maybe someone has already used this kind of blanket, it's just that I havenít seen anything like this at my neighbors in the parking lot, but I decided to investigate this issue, is it a very new car for me?
  2. bigan
    Not a blanket, but a Hail Proof Car Cover - they are of two types - full cover, that is, it covers the car completely with the wheels together - it protects from hail, rain, wind, scratches and there are covers that cover the roof, as well as the windows above the side mirrors. This type of car tarpaulin is suitable, for example, to protect against foliage or frost. I bought myself a full cover and never regretted it, it has a lot of advantages, such as: protects from moisture (you need to watch it to be waterproof), protects from bird droppings, which so corrodes paint, from UV radiation, from leaves, kidneys, juice. The only negative is to put it on and off every day, but then ... you get used to it or buy a garage faster)).
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