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Hookah and cigarettes: Comparison

  1. Anne Veski
    Anne Veski
    In 2013, smoking cigarettes in public places was officially banned, this also applied to bus stops, cafes, restaurants, parks and bus stops. The law had a positive effect, there really were fewer smokers. But on the other hand, in recent years, many people have come to love hookahs, and it is believed that tobacco there is absolutely safe and does not cause addiction.
  2. Piters
    I don't smoke cigarettes, I prefer to smoke hookah. The very process of smoking is relaxing. I imagine myself as some kind of Arab sheikh. Well this is a joke, it just relaxes well. My friends and I love to arrange such gatherings at my home, as I recently bought a hookah from I really like its design. It's better than just standing outside and smoking a cigarette.
  3. AlonsoM
    Hello. I don’t know about you, but I combine everything. That is, I smoke hookah on weekends and constantly smoke cigarettes. I like it and don't care what someone thinks. Hookah is like a reward for good work, and cigarettes are like doing it well.
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