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  1. Anne Veski
    Anne Veski
    Someone bought things on Amazon. I had problems with the seller. Money was taken but there was no purchase
  2. Mislint
    Good day. I have been buying all products on amazon for a very long time. I like how this online store works, there I can always find a product that suits me. Check out amazon reviews. This will be useful for those who have not bought anything on amazon yet.
  3. Elias1
    I also have troubles with Amazon. I order their different things often, and sometimes I have to wait for my orders for months. And not each time I can track my parcel!
  4. Martina90
    Oh, I also was in such a situation few times, and twice my parcels were lost. And you know, it's a pity when you order something great, had been waiting for it and after all, it was lost. So to avoid such situations, I started using the tracker. And I can recommend you to read this article about package tracking. There you'll find info about tracking, which tracker is the best to use and some other valuable pieces of information.
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