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What are your fav technologies to come out since the 1980s?

  1. Hisenburg
    I take it if you're in this forum, you either need tech support (which you should really use Google for) or you want to see an interesting topic. That's why I want to try to get this forum a little more active.

    This can be anything from software to hardware. If you're favorite technology is sandboxing, go ahead and tell us why.
  2. Majesty

    Windows XP/7/10 - I was taught from a young age on how to fix computers started with windows ME and my god was that a nightmare compared to the newer stuff except vista best joke I have heard about it is that you can fix 1 problem and 10 more would pop-up

    Chrome - It maybe a resource hog but damn is it a lot better than what some of the older browsers use to be I think the main one I used to use was net scape then chrome came along and nuked it from orbit.


    Virtual Reality - This stuff is amazing and I can't wait to see what the future can hold for it, if you havn't tried it yet when the pandemic is over see if you can have a try of some it will change how you game forever.

    Ease Of Installing - I was taught on a lot of older hardware and my god some of that stuff was such a pain to install for example a processor you could install like stick of ram can't remember the name of it.
  3. KillMonger
    In our modern world there are many amazing technologies and inventions for example this is a very useful invention that I can use to check my club's visitors. They can check the authenticity of documents and criminal records. I am confident in the accuracy and truthfulness of this information. This helped me out several times. I'm also happy that WWW has made such progress.
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