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Why is my Dota 2 MMR so low?

  1. Loster
    Why is my Dota 2 MMR so low? What heroes can you recommend to try to increase wins?
  2. Nikobabs
    It is because you are bad player. I know only this explanation. Try to search some tutorial videos and learn new tricks. Talking about heroes it depends on your position. Check Dotabuff.
  3. Destorr
    Hi there. I can recommend to watch replays of professional players on your position. Also it will be good to choose several heroes with highest win rate and play only on them. If you want to buy account with high rank right now, you can visit this dota boosting site.
  4. Rekara
    Maybe this is due to your playstyle or problems with controlling your character? Try to examine how you move around the map and cast your spells.
  5. Xteadrdet
    Novice players often start blaming their teammates or the game for their losses, but the true reason of losing is usually their abilities. To improve and learn quicker, having the best mouse for MOBA games is crucial as such devices are tailored towards games like Dota 2. They are perfect for controlling your hero and navigating in teamfights as you're trying to win in an online match.
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