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What health problems do you have?

  1. Hisenburg
    Hello dear reader! :3

    In this rude world everyone's got a health problem...Some are more serious and some are less serious

    I got psyche problems... Stress ruined my stomach,now when i encounter stress i have a feeling that i'm gonna puke,etc.
    Now i have it under control,got psychological help,and medicine ^.^

    What problems do you have?
    Oh and Darthas be serious bout this >:|
    xD ^.^
  2. Majesty
    Everyone's got some problems :3 And as i see i'm not the only one with stomach aches from stress :/
    I forgot to write my huge list of allergies...
    I have the so called "Elevator effect" many times and thats just annoying...
    Don't forget people 90% of sicknesses are on a psychological base...
    I have some phobias too...Arachnophobia(but not too serious) A small bit of Claustrophobia,and some others too...
    And i have Glasses too... But my eye sight is still pretty good
    Life really kicks everyones butt,with some sickness... I hope we can discover here some more...
    And for the ones who have a psychological one,Go to a psychologist it really really helps,it helped me too,the first time for 2years...Now its back >.>
    But it still is a good feeling to talk to a psychologist,you get a feeling that he/she really understands you...And i'm sorry for people in countries in which they have to pay for it... Here in Slovakia its free ^^" Don't punch me now.. xD
  3. KillMonger
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