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Lions of the Round Table

  1. lionsforever
    This meeting has been called to order
  2. lionsforever
    Detroit Do they beat Chicago next week???
  3. TheDetroitBlue
    Depends who starts Stanton we may have a chance Cullpepper gives us no chance
  4. blujaysrock
    I think it will be a close game, 27-21 for the Bears

    Stanton will start because Culpepper isn't going to be here next season and Stanton can't be any worse than Culpepper has been so Stanton should get the start. Well hopefully
  5. det32
    i think we will win.. KC will win the SoS and take suh :cry:
  6. DetroitFan41
    Do we really want to win this game is the Question? 2nd around pick, Could Draft someone High, or Trade it to better our team other ways. All I know is we have to do something, Bc I can't keep watching us lose like this.
  7. det32
    we can win and keep 2nd.. as of right now we have tie braker

    St. Louis Rams 126-114
    2 Detroit Lions 124-116
    3 Kansas City Chiefs 125-115
    4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 134-106

    its vary close but we could
  8. lionsforever
    Det fan any win for us makes me happy.
  9. lionsforever
    WOW this is a nice little group we got all Lion buddies getting to gether to BRAG ABOUT OUR TEAM AS nupebolt says KEEP THE FAITH BRO!!!!!!!!!!
  10. lionsforever
    GET IN MY BELLY Join Date: Jul 2009
    Location: Kalamazoo, MI
    Posts: 1,584

    Jason Hanson is fine... yea he is not playing like last year but he is still one of the better kickers playing.. he has missed like 4 or 5 and the one he missed sunday was a 62 yarder that bounsed off the poll

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