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How to survive the death of a loved one?

  1. lianot
    How to survive the death of a loved one? I feel so bad.
  2. sevanik
    Each person is individual, which means that everyone experiences death in their own way. There can be no general rules. Someone after the death of a loved one needs a long period of adaptation, and someone, on the contrary, will try to integrate into the rhythm of ordinary life as soon as possible.
  3. owydf
    Each of us is going through its own grief. Not all people are ready to discuss the death of the close, but most sooner or later will need to speak out. It is very important for you to be with whom to do this, and here one rule must be remembered: If the interlocutor at least tries to devalue your grief, run from it from all legs. So I recommend you contact the Bereavement support in Philadelphia All American Hospice here you will find moral support and you will be able to survive your grief.
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