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Do you play computer games?

  1. wivet
    Tell me you play computer games ? Which games do you prefer? Do you pay for the game or is it a free demo?
  2. gojidir
    I like online games. But it's more of a strategy game. I prefer games in which you need logical thinking and games that have development
  3. maxalla
    It depends on the game and the situation. When I'm on the road, I can play some light game on my smartphone. But it's an empty game.
    I prefer games with good strategy and logic. But the demos will not give you a feel for all the meaning and content of the game. Good Game Modern Warfare. There are a lot of different situations in it. There are many difficulties. Sometimes it doesn't work out. In this case I take help. I buy CoD MW weapon camo legionfarm team. These guys allow you to stay in the game, raise your status and move on.
  4. vefim
    I like computer games. Playing with strategy is a terrific option. I also like to watch football and bet on football. I'm a fan of Italian football. I bet on Serie A games and make a profit
  5. Franko Sensi
    Franko Sensi
    Yeah, Destiny 2 is my favourite 1 ))
  6. Franko Baresi
    Franko Baresi
    If you are a fan of Destiny 2 make sure then to use numerous boosters for this game! They bring another level of experience ) usually I buy them on Overgear so can recommend this store
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