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How to get rid of credit addiction ?

  1. vefim
    I don't know about you, but I have a lot of friends who are constantly in credit. Someone has credit cards that withdraw money from. Someone has a car bought on credit. Someone's got an apartment. And there are those who have many different types of loans plus a couple of credit cards taken to repay existing loans. It seems incredible, but these people are convinced that such a system of relations with money is normal, and everything in it suits them.
    Life in debt is an addiction, it is a noose that can not only block a person's ability to move forward in life, follow his goals, but also break it, lead to depression and disease. And any dependence, whether alcoholic, narcotic or debt, carries an acute lack of attention, intimacy, understanding, pleasure, in a word, love. How to get rid of the credit burden?
  2. maxalla
    The consumption of goods has increased significantly in society. Many people buy things without thinking about income and make loans. Option one is to learn how to shape your budget
  3. owydf
    That's for sure. My sister always buys fashionable and expensive clothes. And very often uses a loan
  4. gojidir
    first of all, you need to clean up your budget and deal with your finances. It is important to have a clear understanding of income levels and mandatory expenditures. Additional costs if there are them need to be estimated. How important is this purchase?
    I had to face a situation where I had to calculate every cent. I had a few credits. The specialists of Debt zuest USA helped me to understand everything. With their help, I've been able to help north Carolina. I got valuable advice and a good lesson
  5. wivet
    You need to learn how to use credits. Without loans, many purchases will not be real. It's like a car, an apartment, travel and other big purchases.
  6. vefim
    Thank you for the discussion. It was very important to me. I've drawn conclusions for myself. You helped me make a decision.
  7. boheyan
    I very rarely make loans. My loans are about buying a house and a car. All the other things I buy myself. I'm raising money to buy, or looking for extra money. I'm being traded to football matches. This is a good opportunity to top up your budget
  8. kelly22
    As for me, I really think there is nothing bad in credits. It is all about your self control and how you manage your money. I have never had any issues with it at all though I ever get loans in the past. But you should be careful with it anyway. If you are getting a loan, you should make sure the service of your choice is really good and trustworthy. I used theguaranteedloans, and I have never had problems with it, check it out too and good luck
  9. Huddson
    I think if a person has such a dependence, then he initially did not calculate all the options. Yes, it is very important to form your budget, but sometimes loans can be useful when you have no other option.
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