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Double in blackjack and its impact on the house's advantage

  1. kiga
    Double in blackjack and its impact on the house's advantage
    Blackjack is one of the smartest casino games. In blackjack, the result of the game only partially depends on luck, and knowledge and experience come to the fore. In previous articles on the Casinoz portal, a lot of attention was paid to various aspects of this intellectual game, and this publication continues the series. In it, we will take a closer look at this aspect of blackjack, as Double, and see how it affects the change in the casino's advantage.

    Features of the rule
    Double, or doubling the bet, is a very powerful weapon of the black Jack player, which he must use skillfully in the situations described in the basic strategy. The rule allows the player to double the bet on the first two cards that were dealt to him. After that, he will only get one more card, and the move will go to the next box or to the dealer.
  2. kiga
    Most casinos allow you to Double on any of the first two cards, and only some of them allow you to double your bet only on ten or eleven points. Players must give preference to the casino with the first version of the rules. Even better, if the gambling establishment of your choice allows you to make a Double after the Split has been made.
    Let's see how this affects the mathematical advantage of the casino.

    We will consider a situation in which the game is played with eight decks using a Shoe, and Double is allowed on any amount of points. It is assumed that the rest of the rules correspond to the classic canons of blackjack.
  3. Tunika
    Absolutely all blackjack players using training books are aware of the advice of their authors about doubling a bet or breaking it into pairs in different game situations. Proper application of these tips will increase the chances of improving your own results. Doubling the rate occurs in the process of delivering the initial amount and receiving a card. When a pair is broken, the initial amount is also delivered for the subsequent drawing of each part of the pair as a separate hand.
  4. gojidir
    Now there are a lot of interesting games in the casino. It's not just a card. There are modern games with greater profit. Have you heard about cryptocurrencies and bitcoins? I think many would like to buy bitcoin, but it is very expensive. You can win bitcoin in bitcoin casino
    It will bring you a big profit
  5. Tunika
    Someone plays blackjack to get the thrill, while others do it solely to earn money Doubling down in blackjack is a well-known reception of professionals and amateurs which at first glance seems risky but, when examined in detail, is reasonable and even profitable. The strategy of doubling the bet is universal and perfectly suits both the first and second type of gamblers. Sooner or later, the game becomes monotonous and ceases to bring the desired pleasure. In this case, doubling the bet adds a share of risk to it, because the amount of possible winnings or losses increases by a factor of two. No other tactic is able to revive the gameplay as much.
    Professionals who do not pursue the thrill double their bets in blackjack solely from a practical point of view. They do this at certain points in the game, being fully or at least partially confident in of such a decision and the impending gain.
  6. For4un
    Blackjack is a game in which you can apply your mathematical abilities. But it seems to me that such players are very quickly calculated and removed from the game. Because the owner is not profitable when the participants in the game often win.
  7. Tunika
    Chasing is an interesting and very risky strategy for playing blackjack online. Initially, you need to determine for yourself the value of the maximum and minimum rates, and then make your move first put a small amount. If the distribution ends in victory, you need to set the maximum. After each loss, the player returns to the initial amount; after winning, he switches to large bets.
  8. For4un
    All people play with different goals. Someone wants to have fun and forget about life's difficulties. Someone is trying to make money this way.
    However, all are united by one goal - this is victory. I wish you all good luck.
  9. Beel
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  10. Destorr
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