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Tyreke Evans is not a point guard, shooting guard, combo guard, small forward, etc...

  1. sacgiants1213
    **** all the Reke doubters/ignorant fans.
  2. Kings49sGiants
    He is a BEAST though.
  3. M's Fan2411
    M's Fan2411
    Definitely a basketball player. We have seen him do pretty much everything this year. He has no weaknesses in his game, I can honestly say that!
  4. ZebraCity916
    Evans for ROY!!!!
  5. jimbobjarree
    jimbob in the house
  6. Tyreke Jennings
    He's a basketball player
  7. Sportfan
    Tyreke Evans isn't a true PG

  8. CityofTreez
    Tyreke Evans will eat you like a rack of Ribs and then lick his fingers while finger-banging your mom!
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