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The Baron Davis Beard Appreciation Society

  1. smith&wesson
    lol this **** is jokes.
  2. IRUAM #21
    Baron Davis' Beard > Chuck Norris Beard.
  3. TheKing23
    Baron Davis' beard for MVP.
  4. BigEric
    Such an amazing beard.
  5. Kakaroach
    What TheKing said. That thing is gonna make the NBA Defensive team cuz it could stop you with its awesomeness.
  6. TheKing23
    It's like a brick wall of finely manicured greatness
  7. sofargone
    his beard is a better basketball player than he is, why do you think he never shaves?
  8. Niro
    his beard is just epic
  9. heavy2889
    so will baron davis' beard play more minutes since girffin is injured?

    should i take his beard with the 5th overall pick in my fantasy league??
  10. mitch91
    what a beard! i aspire to have something half as good as that
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