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13-14 Knicks Season Thread- Surviving Woodson

  1. aNYer
    Lets see if this gets anyone to bite.
  2. PatsSoxKnicks
    i'm here, though I don't know that I can check in every day (really busy with grad school). Hopefully Tyson's injury isn't too serious, regardless though, I hope Bargs actually turns into an actual floor spacer for once in his career, rather than the poser he's been for years.
  3. aNYer
    I hated the Bargs trade, but he is going to be what he is. If our team ever stops playing like crap we can use that.

    Tyson missing 25 games is NOT going to help. We will see how much people miss the old GM in a couple of weeks.
  4. aNYer
    Also I hate Felton. It was his fault Rose hit the game winner. He completely lost his man (you know, the ONLY player that was ever going to take that shot) By the time he got to him Rose, the faster player, already had a step. And while its a tough shot Rose has shown aptitude with that right hand right side floater in the past. If Felton played him straight up maybe he doesn't get to his spot and try that shot or maybe Felton is in better position to challange Rose, there by changing his shot.

    Then against the Bobcats just to skip to the crux of the matter, our starting "PG" with Melo gassed just started chucking up shots and missing them.
  5. aNYer
    Its early, things can change, but how sad is it that Felton had to come out and apologize.

    I would have preferred if he just apologized for HIM. Take personal responsibility and THEN worry about the team.
  6. PatsSoxKnicks
    Wow that was a disgraceful game today. I mean I realize that we have 0 defense with Tyson out but still. This could really be a rough stretch without Tyson. Hopefully we can hover around .500 till he gets back.
  7. aNYer
    I mean eventually players HAVE to find their groove right?

    I realize Melo was hurt but he looks so not ready to play at this point. The schedule makers like last year have given us too much time off at the beginning of the season and we will ahve to deal with some hell weeks because of it. For no reason.
  8. roshan3ai
    So... we don't even run an offense. I'd take on Gerald Wallace and Lee if it meant that we could score Rondo. Rondo would to wonders for this team and I ****ing hate Rondo. Felton's the worst starting PG in the league though
  9. aNYer
    I mean he would a HAVE to help, but at this point I honestly wonder if Woodson looks at other offenses where players actually have some movement and structure like a dog looks at a cyborg.
  10. PatsSoxKnicks
    I don't know that a Rondo-Carmelo pairing would ultimately go anywhere though and we'd be locked into that duo for some time, plus with others like Wallace and Lee. Would we have enough to chase a max in 2 years?

    Honestly, I've never been convinced we could win with this cast (well win it all that is) so I've been looking forward to when Amare comes off the books (god is that contract god awful). Hopefully, we can get better players around Melo in 2 years and hopefully he doesn't desert us.
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