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Gary Guyton Fans!!

  1. Robertse
    I welcome all who like Gary Guyton and chear for this undrafted free-agent to become a starter and star. He is a one of a kind linebacker. He has size and runs like a Gazelle and I predict big things from him in the future. Come and join NE Pats fans and also Georgia Tech fans and Alumni as he represents your school.
  2. Lil Rhody
    Lil Rhody
    ahhhhh GG is the man. i was sad to see Mayo get hurt this year but I had a good feeling Guyton would step up like he has
  3. Lil Rhody
    Lil Rhody
    i love when the pats have undrafted guys play big roles
  4. hugepatsfan
    He's a great nickel LB. He is a good interior rusher. While he isn't the best LB or an every down guy, he makes plays. Spikes playing vs the run allows Guyton to play the best role for him.
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