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The Wave

  1. BigEric
    Hello gentlemen!
  2. DenButsu
    Hi everyone. I just wanted to say that if you or anyone else would like to discuss any issues you have with me, the door to my "office" is open.

    That's all.
  3. Sports Illustrator
    Sports Illustrator
    Yes I certainly believe this can be powerful. If we actually all unite, we can make big things happen .

    This isn't anything silly, it is just an attempt to make PSD a better place .

    Jamal, let me know if you have anything in mind or if anything is needed .
  4. Bob_at_york
    Any news? I haven't heard from anyone.
  5. Ramon Nivar
    Ramon Nivar
    Not really anything going on as of now. Sadly. Any ideas you've got Bob feel free to suggest, as with anyone.
  6. FlyersPhanatic9
    Newest membah.
  7. Sports Illustrator
    Sports Illustrator
    We should all have a conference and discuss anything that needs to be said, in order for us to be able to reach our goal .
  8. Bob_at_york
    Should the conference be on AIM? What day works for people?
  9. Bucks24226
    MSN not AIM
  10. Bucks24226
    that would be better
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