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The Wave

  1. Ramon Nivar
    Ramon Nivar
    Guys, our first MOD is going to join the group. Our plan is one step closer to being pushed forward!
  2. Bob_at_york
    Have you actually listed what the plan is? Also do I have to change my avatar? I noticed others have not.
  3. Ramon Nivar
    Ramon Nivar
    Some have it in their sigs, others are rebellious. As far as plan, no clue. I'll probably alert members if I get a plan soon.
  4. Ramon Nivar
    Ramon Nivar
    The Wave is now moving onto phase two, Jamal Nivar is now accepting any complaints you might have about a MOD. Preferably keep it to the level of abusing powers or flaunting superiority. These will all be used in order to further prove our purpose that something needs to be done in order to achieve equality.
  5. Sportfan
    yay im here now
  6. Bob_at_york
    I am confused, mods already accept complaints about other mods. What is the purpose of being the middleman?

    Also, I just saw a fellow member claim our plan is "evil". What is evil about achieving equality and fairness at PSD?
  7. Ramon Nivar
    Ramon Nivar
    But, have they ever truly gathered all of the complaints together to see the size of it? Also, Jamal Nivar was not aware of that.

    As far as evil plan, who knows.
  8. Bob_at_york
    Well yes, I have no knowledge of them being gathered together because they are dealt with when they come up. Are we just going to collect them all and present them later or are we going to present them as we get the complaints?
  9. Ramon Nivar
    Ramon Nivar
    Well Jamal Nivar did discuss it with SI and we both believe it can be very powerful to bring all the complaints about a certain topic together at once.
  10. dbroncos78087
    "Look what you did. You made Jamal Nivar sounds like a Socialist. "

    Sounds like Jamal Nivar is an admitted socialist to me.
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