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The Wave

  1. .Sean.
    Yay. Unity of PSD FTMFW!

    Member #2
  2. homestarunner93
    Teh Wavez!
  3. Ramon Nivar
    Ramon Nivar
    Be sure to spread the word of The Wave and our awesomeness. The more members the more likely our ultimate goal will be achieved!
  4. ryanph30
    Down with the mods!
  5. Ramon Nivar
    Ramon Nivar
    Not down with the MODs. Equality throughout the black world and the blue world. We are all equal.
  6. ryanph30
    Everyone change your avatar to the official logo
  7. .Sean.
    Peace, Bread, and Land!
  8. homestarunner93
    Don't you dare call me black, Jamal.
  9. dbroncos78087
    Up with the mods.
  10. homestarunner93
    Blasphemy. Join The Wave dbroncos...or else.
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