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The Sean Mayne Worship Group

  1. dbroncos78087
    This is a true honor, but i dont know if it should be "public". Seems like unworthy people could join.
  2. carson005
    I agree with dbroncs. Only the chosen people should join
  3. greg_ory_2005
    I agree dbroncos.
  4. thesparky33
    Who the **** is Sean Mayne?
  5. dbroncos78087
    That is a pitiable offense sparky, i dont even follow basketball and i know who that is.
  6. jbeezy
    Yay I was invited he is such a Mayne
  7. _Sn1P3r_
    I was invited too.
  8. DerekRE_3
    I'd like to thank myself for giving Greg the idea.
  9. DR.J9
    I'm blessed
  10. DerekRE_3
    I'd like to nominate myself to whatever position Greg wants me to do.
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