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Chicago Bulls Fans

  1. rico
    whats good babies?
  2. dakidfromchi
    Couldn't be left out of this! Who's gonna throw out the stats?
  3. jabberwocky76
    bulls fan for life
  4. DaSox_05
    KHinrich12 are you a Twins fan?
  5. KH12
    No, I have $100 bet from the start of the season that the Cubs would make the playoffs and the White Sox wouldn't. My friend has the opposite. If both make the playoffs, it's null.
  6. DaSox_05
    Ok cuz I saw a lot of smack talk from you in the Twins forum so I hope your bets a wash
  7. KH12
    haha that wasn't smack talk, that was rooting on the Piranhas.
  8. Briggurlacher
    Cubs and Bulls in '08! I'd say the same for the Bears, but they will probably just find a way to beat themselves anyways.
  9. tduncanspeaks
    I am sooooo excited about the upcoming season.
    I expect us to be a very scrappy , competitive team. I am just going to hope management is judicious in selecting the right roster. We need chemistry , leadership and confidence. Let's go all the way!!!!
  10. canigetawitness
    Bring on '08-'09
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