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Conversation Between ******2017 and blujaysrock

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  1. help me..........
  2. Hey ******, I need to run windows or ubuntu on my mac and was wondering if you knew anything about virtualbox and if I download that and ubuntu how much will it slow down my mac? don't know my spces very well but I thinks it's 4 and 500 and running Mac OS X
  3. Yeah, or even compensate guys like Rant sports does based on ad traffic. of course you'd actually hire guys, i'm sure you could get a couple from each forum with as busy as this site is. Just poorly executed all around
  4. Just do it whenever this falls too far behind. Don't know why they don't invest more effort into this forum. The adds alone must make them a load with the traffic this site gets. Guess they don't care much as long as it keeps getting traffic, though.
  5. should I go to SDI and ask to be admin? Then i'll hire you to be tech support
  6. you tell the PSD admin, ******!!

    why can't they hire you to do the job? you actually know what you're doing
  7. interesting... i don't seem to recall yo having any siblings

    you sure ?
  8. i do not appreciate it and btw i think i saw you on chatroulette a few weeks ago

    kinda looked like you and said they were from wis
  9. watch with the insults ******
  10. ******, at least you found a decent job, though, doing something you like to do and are good at
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