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Conversation Between mikealike305 and SteBO

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  1. Thanks man I really appreciate it. And yes!! I saw that! Pretty pumped dude. Hurricanes and dolphins have kept me on suicide watch so hopefully our heat can pull through lol
  2. That's really good to hear. I know it's tough spot you're in. I can definitely relate to it. Hopefully all goes well my man, and it looks like this lockout could very well end soon.
  3. Thanks man, and thanks for giving real advice. I talked to my girlfriend and she deleted his number. I am considering going back to church. I didn't want to get into it in the thread but I stopped because she moved in with me, which her family being christian, you can imagine created some tension. Now that tension is getting better so I will most likely go back to be with her there.
  4. I saw your thread in GD. I've been in your situation a couple of times in my life, most notably in HS. Best thing for you to do is either go to church with her, or trust she'll avoid him no her own. I think Hawkeye said it best in there. I know you don't wanna feel like a jerk, since the man is lonely and all, but what's going on with you righ now could possibly be the reason for his loneliness. Do what's best for you and your GF. That's all you can do at this point. It'll work out fine.
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