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Conversation Between geraptor and TO Rapz

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  1. yeah make it i just updated it.
  2. or i make the pick myself. its up now.
  3. just send me your list then.
  4. Dortmund here. I asked pete too but he did not answer.
  5. what team are you? the only list i ve gotten all day today is one that consisted of drogba. that was earlier and then he picked drogba himself.
  6. did my co send you a list?
  7. you interested in kaka?
  8. thanks man, got it now .
  9. no problem, also, you finish the draft, you then theres a time period for a trade deadline, and then there are 2, american league and national league in basaeball, east and west in basketball, east and west in hockey and so on, if im managing a team from the east, i vote for who makes the playoffs in the west, if your managing a team in the west, you vote for who makes the playoffs in the east. in the end, whoever has the most votes makes the playoffs once all the gms vote for the opposite conferences. THEN, for the playoff matchups like 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7 and so on, a new thread is made for each matchup and the users of PSD vote for who wins.
  10. first of all thanks man.
    what i dont get is what happens after you drafted your players? i mean who or what determines the winner?
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