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Conversation Between NYKalltheway and Jets012

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  1. Thanks for the heads up but unfortunately i'll have to pass due to heavy work load and tough time zone differences. Would like to see what the new rule looks like though.
  2. We are running an NBA RD in late August. Sign-Ups going up in a week or two. Getting a bunch of the older GMs together. Implementing a new rule to make it more fair for every team. If interested, I'll tell you when signups go up.
  3. Yeah but i wont have a decent starting C
  4. Thoughts on deal? Dumars fits perfectly on your team since you have a major emphasis on defense.
  5. i sort of like it but I'm stuck without a center and upgrade (name wise) a position that I'm saturated in. Let me think about it ok?
  6. I can do it for Richardson instead of Lever.

    Baker/Dumars for Richardson/Camby?
  7. dont wanna part with Lever, how about Sugar Ray?
  8. dont wanna part with Lever, how about Sugar Ray?
  9. Dumars/Baker for Camby/Lever?
  10. Can you send a proposal? I'm not really sure I wanna go thru yet but maybe with the proposal in front of me I change my mind.
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