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Conversation Between mngopher35 and PatsSoxKnicks

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  1. No thanks, not at the moment. I have discussed a couple of trades that left me needing a SG, off chance that happens I like both players as a fill in so Ill keep it in mind
  2. Any interest in Christie or Majerle for Rashard Lewis?
  3. you guys are up in ATRD
  4. ya they were talking about it in the chat a few days back
  5. Ah yeah we can. That was a rule I put in place for a previous mock, didn't realize it was kept haha.
  6. Wait, we can do that? Wow didn't realize that haha. Well that changes things a lot lol.
  7. haha great reason to want it. Nah, sorry but I just prefer the cheaper role player/salary of the early 2nd. Especially given we can go over the cap to fill out the roster in FA with mins.
  8. Yeah it's up to date. Also, still interested in pick 34 but I'll admit part of the reason I was interested was so I could have pick 31, 32, 33 and 34 hahaha. Would you be interested in McCuollough and Robinson for the pick?
  9. Not sure, player wise I just like Roco/Crowder (I know, not happening) none of the rest over a 500k contract. Is your clubhouse up to date pick wise?
  10. any way i could get pick 34?
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