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Conversation Between pidg88 and SensandRaps

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  1. your OTC in the redraft
  2. you are OTC in the redraft
  3. your otc in the redraft
  4. Sorry fixed
  5. is that round 12 pick number correct in the deal?
  6. Done
  7. hey could you do me a favor and post the pick number for each player in your deal with the flames
  8. its no problem i created a 5 hour clock, just incase teams are in the middle of trading that pick etc just wanted you to know so i didnt have to auto pick for you
  9. Damn thanks sorry ill try to go now
  10. your almost out of time to make your pick in the nhl mock draft, time runs out at 1pm if pick isnt made by then then i will autopick for you
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