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Conversation Between KodytheKing and LegendX

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  1. First off that was very hurtful
    And no I do not.
  2. Oi ugly, do you have AIM?
  3. They all **** me. There's no point in arguing with any of them so I say my piece then move on unless they say something incredibly moronic, unless it's Derek, I'd have more chance of punching through a bank vault than getting through that peanut.
  4. Lol or you could say that too. But he's seriously just getting tiresome. He's getting to be worse then Addix or Mr.#'s.
  5. I wouldnt say he called it, I'd say the blind squirrel found a nut.
  6. I don't know man. I mean I could tolerate him a bit more then usual at the start of the season. But now he's just gone full blown insane. I mean all the stuff about Nolan and RG3 is just getting crazy. But I will give credit when credit is due. He did call the rise of Reggie Bush and Cam Newton.
  7. Why do we (the entire dolphins forum) give Derek attention? I've eaten peanuts with a higher IQ.
  8. Lmao. I think I'm going to try have some fun with 00-3-32-33-44.
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