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Conversation Between RedandGold_35 and Norm

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  1. There's that, and what got me was what he was just saying that latest paragraph of nonsense. Luck "might" have to pass/do more, yet he plays more reckless's like NO ****ING ****!!!!! Agh. I'm convinced he's the world's best math troll.
  2. It's absurd that he thinks I'm insane for posing the idea of Wilson on the colts team. He can't even begin to process that because there's no math involved.

    He doesn't watch any NFL anyways. It got proven elsewhere
  3. Oh don't worry, I deal with enough brick walls in the Niner forum, but he's like headbutting titanium.
  4. Time to ban ourselves from everything Lionel related. lol

    There was like 10 of us doing it a while back and then they slowly all started to gave. He didn't log on here for ages (or sign in I imagine it was) for ages when we did it.

  5. I don't doubt it
  6. Baller1 has to be trolling you.
  7. trade is passed.
  8. Up soon.
  9. Appreciate it, you do good work sir
  10. Then it shall stay that way. Just checking.
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