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Conversation Between ChiSox219 and kingbrentg

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  1. I think you're with San Diego, yeah? You're up if so
  2. I'll make you a contender
  3. I'm not thinking so. With him and Wall out so far and for a while to come still I'm probably already toast this year. So no need to bail on them now.
  4. you have any interest in trading Love?
  5. You're otc
  6. You're up
  7. Hmm, alright. I don't guess adding Delfino to that would be any better then, haha. That's about all I can offer.
  8. I really am not a fan of Butler or Kaman.
  9. Not sure what you'd be looking for in exchange for Bogut... maybe something around Caron Butler + Chris Kaman?
  10. sure
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