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Conversation Between cHi8DaL5LA420 and HeatWave2306

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  1. not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7... keep dreaming little man. hahaha... they won't even win 1... just like you and your arguments... you can't win them either... HAHAHAHA
  2. Thanks for indirectly admitting you lost the argument ...I spew facts and stats as you spew stupidity. Keep hiding from reality little man...
  3. not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 hahahahahahaha... keep dreaming little man.
  4. My thoughts exactly ..u dont pay attention to actual events, only keep up with what the media tells you. GET YOUR OWN OPINION based on facts. LeBron didnt say "we will win 7" ..he said we WILL NOT BE SATISFIED with 1, not 2, not 3..ect, meaning they will not stop striving for greatness even when they reach it. EXTREMELY different, but they dont play the full clip on ESPN so they make it seem how they want. I personally want my players thinking that way ..not "get a title and be satisfied and relax".

    And how exactly do you win multiple championships in ONE YEAR? They ALL said this was AT LEAST a two year process to put the team together (they still needed a CENTER and PG) so this year will be the telling year, not YEAR ONE. But you keep thinking you have enough knowledge to debate me ..its humorous
  5. The heat didn't back their COCKY mouths up... they said they were going to win not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 ... LEBRONS exact words... they backed nothing up... they are obviously blind and clueless JUST LIKE YOU
  6. Not backing cocky mouths up? They went to the finals the first year they were assembled with their 4th and 5th best players out almost the entire season! haha No team is a failure merely because they lost IN THE FINALS. Had the cowboys lost in the superbowl last year would it have been a FAIL as a season? No have a completely skewed sense of reality.

    But dont come at me about personal attacks need to grow up. You will NOT EVER post things in disgrace of myself and not find a retaliation on the other end. You referred to me as moron and dumb on multiple occasions so if you want ANY kind of respect you best be the first to give it..
  7. You need to stop with the personal attacks for real... I mean I know your all upset about the Heat not backing their cocky mouths up, but don't try and drag me down to your level. I will never stoop to your level.
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