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Conversation Between cHi8DaL5LA420 and Fred

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  1. hey fred how do I delete my account?
  2. Fred this is messed up....Dre Kirkpatrick is #1 on our boards, and he got arrested, that is a big deal to us fans and dbroncos, keeps on deleting, WTF???
  3. Thanx
  4. just letting you know I sent a message to that baz guy and told him no more arguing in the rooms... I said we are pissing the mods off and we are gonna get banned... I told him if we have any problems we can just message eachother.. Was just giving you the heads up.
  5. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you...I have been out of action for about 3 weeks...are you still having issues with this user? Please advise...if so, I will look into it....thanx....
  6. stlbestin2013.. or whatever his screen name is... tell him stop harrassing me and posting rude stuff on my page.. I'm just letting you know because I know you have some power... I have kept my cool but I'm about to lose it... I don't want to get in any more trouble on this site though because I love talking to my fellow dallas cowboys fans... please hel p
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