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Conversation Between IndyRealist and Hawkeye15

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  1. where in Houston did you live?
  2. Granger had the platlet thing done to his knee in the offseason. Apparently it's still sore so he's sitting out preseason. Hill's being held out for no reason, and West is on limited minutes for no reason. That's the "official" statement. Hibbert missed game two so they could get Ian Mahimni and Miles Plumlee extended minutes.

    We've got a whole new bench and they're trying to sort out 3rd PG, 2nd SG, and 2nd C. Probably going to cut two or three guys.

    Derrick Williams looked really good game two. Could live up to his draft position.
  3. Watched the Minny-Indy game last night. Why are you missing so many players?
  4. Thanks for the kudos, man. I'm from Indiana and we're passionate about basketball. I push hard a lot of times but those are the conversations I look forward to, because the back and forth gets me thoroughly thinking out ideas and considering alternatives. I can always count on you and Chronz to keep me on my toes and convince me to change my viewpoint. And also to understand what the hell I'm writing about when my posts start to look like algebra

    Also, thanks for being civil when I get stubborn. It happens a lot.
  5. Need to tell you man, I have really grown to respect your opinion regarding basketball. You have had a few mini-debates with me where I think you really pushed me to think about changing my stance, and I agree with a lot of your posts.

    Kudos dude. Seriously
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