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Conversation Between bloodhawk and Fear_GAS_OLDier

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  1. its np man, series almost over
  2. sorry man, I've tried looking all over for the file of your sig, but it's been erased from my computer...w/o it I can't re-create it...sorry man
  3. hey the series is 2-0 dont worry about it man unless u already have it done otherwise forget it
  4. That's what this site all about...
  5. ok thanks definitely thinking of switching to *** fulltime now man, bunch of idiot fools in the lakers forum, posting a new thread any time a thought pops into their head, its pissing me off. and im getting yelled at for calling them on it
  6. yeah...but it'll take a a day or two
  7. hey, watsup man, hey the cavs and celts are out, any chance u can make an addendum to my sig and add the magic? maybe throw in jameer going down and some of the others?
  8. what's your name there...same?
  9. hey have you heard anything because i havent?
  10. ok thanks
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