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Conversation Between Thatruth32 and ULT WARRIOR408

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  1. Hope it all works out for you.I ain't got much crackin jus gettin ready for the 4th oh & the big fight today.
  2. today is a good day fam thx.. gotta go day by day i have an apt at end of july to see if im gonna need surgery so yea lil down bout that but trying to not let it to go me ya know? **** ready for a long weekend with wifey and the kid ... get a bbq or 2 on get a few drinks and cough cough yadamean lol... **** my folks wants me to smash to his spot in modesto on sunday gonna be 82 here in fmt but 106 out there **** gonna be mad hot lol... whats crackin with u?
  3. How is everthing health included?
  4. good lookin pimp
  5. Thats too bad bruh.I'll pray for you dawg.
  6. not much... ya boy not been feeling too good i have a medical issue im dealing with rite now so on some meds and damn its been so hot this week just layin low and waitting to see if these docs say im gonna need surgery or not... hope not!
  7. Whats da good word my fellow 9er,giants,warriors bretherine?
  8. yup yup good lookin fam u got good memory yup had my lil girl in april its a blessing just be working watching the games and playing with her with most of my free time...ill get at him
  9. I'm guessin you had your baby by now.I just wanna say congrats be it boy or girl.Plus Oracle had his daughter on june 16th.Holla at him.
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