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Conversation Between KeithLBC and henderson56

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  1. IDK, Why Udeze isn't on the team, But the Roster are as Jan 08, Thats why Sage isn't on our team.

    I am trying to get Marc Bulger, So far Its a 3rd and A Player IDk, What player yet.
  2. why aren't Sage and Udeze listed, and why is Gus still on our team?

    What trades are you working on?
  3. Hey, Whats New?

    Did you see my Roster Gripes?
  4. Here our are Ratings

    There not that Bad, But there are some Players that we need to Gripe, Who do you think we should Gripe?
  5. Ratings are going up today, We have 5 Gripes, Which means we can Argue there Ratings.

    We have to use these Wisely.

    When I downloaded the Game I remember that AP was a 92, But MJD from the Jags was like a 96. So thats a Thought.

    And Bernard Berrian Was Low, Somthing like 77, Sidney Rice was Higher than Him, We should think about that aswell.
  6. The Ratings should come out soon, And once they come out the League will start.
  7. Yea I will see, I will wait untill the Ratings come out for the Sim League, Before we make any big moves.
  8. I don't like giving up Greenway. I'm OK with letting Williams go. Brackett is OK, but not as good as Greenway. How about trying to get a higher pick out of it?
  9. Hey what do you think about Manning,Brackett and a 4th for TJack,Greenway and Pat Williams?
  10. Hey I got a couple of trade Offers:

    The first one I just laughed my *** of, Here it is, AP,2nd round Pick,Ray Edwards for Portis and Campell, I justed Laughed at him.

    And the Second one was, Peyton Manning/Brackett/4th round pick for TJack/Greenway/One of the Williamses, I don't know if he was Serious, But We should think about that.
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