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Conversation Between carolinaraider and Bigdaddyburch

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  1. Dont let those Raider fans get to you. Your a good fan. Tgat Crypticraider guy is way over the top and the kind that gives you guys a bad name. Good luck this week.
  2. I might have came off a bit Harsh. I did not really mean I dont like you personally. If we did not have all the off field stuff happening you beat us fine I can take it. Some Raiders fans cross lines it might have cause me to become overly harsh. Its the whole Raider thing I hope you can understand that. They are not percieved like anyother team out there. Not by just us or other afc West teams but by the league as a whole. Its the price you pay to be the bad boys of the nfl. Sorry if I popped off though it just rubbed me wrong.
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