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Conversation Between WarriorPride and homestarunner93

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  1. They are cleared
  2. Clear yo PMs. Letís talk trade.
  3. Rounds 3-7 are open if you didn't notice
  4. Not moving any of them now.
  5. Now trade me one of your WR's?
  6. Nah, he's too expensive for me.
  7. What if I sent Doug Free?
  8. I'm aware, but it's probably like a RT and an interior lineman or inside linebacker for me. Not really worth it when those positions can be filled cheaply/easily.
  9. Those are 2 starters with those picks.
  10. They are pretty good offers, but as I'm thinking over the possibilities with those picks, I don't think it's worth downgrading at WR.
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