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Conversation Between spliff(TONE) and jp611

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  1. That league already full? Never heard back from you with details. Drafting in my main league tomorrow night.
  2. Possibly....lemme know some more details (stat categories, buy in, payment breakdown). Likely down; just don't want to spread myself thin by getting too many leagues going. Definitely going to be doing the PSD Giants forum one again.
  3. We do payments on LeagueSafe, by the way. Secure website that holds and distributes the money for a small fee. Makes it easier for payments since everyone is scattered across the nation.
  4. Hey would you want to join a fantasy baseball league this season? Have 8 confirmed and trying to get a 12 man league at the very least. This is year 3 of the league and it's head to head weekly matchups with playoffs deciding the winner. Let me know if you have any interest in joining.

  6. basically interchangeable
  7. Hilarious!!!
  8. #Joc'd indeed. The legend of MadBum continues.
  9. God, I love Bumgarner

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