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Conversation Between spliff(TONE) and Buckwheat

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  1. This dude named K.A.A.N been my favorite hip-hop newcomer of sorts over the last year or two. Lightning fast flow and subject matter I can actually kinda connect with. Here's a music video of his:

    He doesn't have much in terms of full length albums yet but this is probably my favorite project he has put out so far:
  2. god I love BBNG. really been into jazz lately. have fallen behind in the hip hop scene. I only ****ed with frank and travis from last year. severely disappointed by chance and ye. hip hop is meh now.

    and I have no clue where this sig is from actually. I saw it when someone put the crying Jordan face on the kid. lmao I just checked and it's from the movie mac and me... classic!!!
  3. Oh....and I see you had asked me about Sour Soul (and probably got banned before I had a moment to reply). The Danny Brown featuring track is my favorite on the project; overall I'd say it is a decent little album but nothing great.

    I saw BADBADNOTGOOD live a few weeks ago though and it was very enjoyable. Way better than the last jazzy kinda show I went to (Robert Glasper).
  4. Sig is from The Sopranos. The sig quote is a play on words from a line of his (the actor Frank Vincent) in Goodfellas. The actual quote is from his character during the last season of The Sopranos, "There's no scraps in my scrapbook".

    So what's flying wheelchair boy from?
  5. What is your sig from?

    It's driving me crazy because I don't know that actor's name and I know I have seen him a ton.
  6. Have you listened to sour soul yet? I saw it got mixed reviews. Was excited for it
  7. Will do. Downloading their latest now. I'm really out of the loop at finding new non-hip hop stuff for some reason, so thanks for the heads up.
  8. Just know you're into some underground hippy **** and they are really dope. Their new album is their best in my
    opinion. Sea When Absent. Ashes Grammar is also really good. Check 'em out!
  9. Listened to the song Shy just now. Thought it was pretty good. Any particular song (or more so album) you'd recommend?
  10. Had to Google no. Wasn't even sure whether that was a song or a group or what until searching. What makes you ask?
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