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Conversation Between DIRKDIGGGL3R and KingsnQueens7

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  1. Hey man any interest in a Weber for Pietrangelo deal, would be interested in Kane or Sharp. Could package several players together.
  2. You're OTC bro
  3. DIRKis OTC
  4. Dirk otc
  5. 5th, Strome, Pokka(7.5C), and..? I'd rather not do Reinhart c'mon message me back
  6. Dirk just letting you know I am still shopping the 5th overall pick, willing to part Strome, Grabs, etc
  7. Offer for Ovechkin -

    5th Overall
    Ryan Strome
    Josh Bailey


    Alexander Ovechkin
  8. Otc
  9. Check your messages
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