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Conversation Between JaysLeafs98 and OptiMized

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  1. "Dion bought OUT" not end lol. typo
  2. Hey Jays, could you edit the "Dion bought end" thread title please. Just add "April Fools joke" to it if you can. I don't want anybody freaking out if they see it today lol. Thanks
  3. I am willing to include guys like Zucker, or Brodziak or 2015 picks or rights to players for Bieksa in addition to my last message, but your PM box is full.
  4. Quick tip: you can change the thread titles by double clicking the blank space in the sections in the Leafs main menu. So the white space just over the page numbers.
  5. nope
  6. Boedker for my first (maybe we get that 3-way deal back on too)
  7. I'm at the league minimum so I can't shed anymore, but I'm trying to make Shane Doan available
  8. That you are interested in trading of course
  9. It's cool. I thought you were trying to shed cap. Still keeping my cap open just in case i can add a top-6 LW to my team. You have any of those?
  10. hmm okay, draft picks?
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